Staking is Almost Ready!

STAX protocol was a designed state-of-the-art DAO and Staking Protocol. Using the same models as successful projects before, Olympus DAO, and modeling from the success of the Curve Wars. We’ve seen a unique opportunity in utility based DAO’s and rewards based staking systems, soon we will release a revolutionary fleet of staking pools that builds upon, and grows from the success of OHM. While a robust governance system, allows our DAO to make important decisions regarding the future of the token.


Our Mission is twofold.

The first being to provide a special set of tools, and services that leverage staking, and DAO style governance to accomplish big, and profitable things in the world.

The second is to introduce the larger world to crypto staking, in a simple, easy to use, and wildly profitable way.



There are ZERO team tokens, ZERO hidden wallets, ZERO backdoor deals, ZERO scary whales, ZERO headaches!

Our Product Suite:

Offerings by STAX protocol

- Staking Protocol with 10k+% APY pools
- Multi-Chain Operability
- BSC, SOL, AVAX, networks coming soon!
- STAX will outgrow even a multi-chain offering, and thus; launch its own Smart Contract networks & blockchain.
- Full SWAP and cross-chain DEXT

Why STAX?.

Stax is a fully equipped application suite in the making, backed by some of the largest names in the space. Learn below why STAX is the right choice for your investment.

  • Metaverse Studio

    Stax holders will get direct access to a suite of designers and 3d artists, through our holders only Discord group (Launch: TBA)

  • Creation

    STAXs unique approach to staking builds the framework for many new pools, creators, and even community members may influence, or generate a staking pool.

  • 100% Fairlaunch

    Zero team tokens, vesting, complicated, or fancy tech you can’t understand, or hidden whale wallets. Just a fair open to the public launch for a fair shot to join the STAX community.


How will we achieve all of this?

Phase 1
Security Audit
Developer KYC verification
Telegram, and social creation
Massive Marketing Growth Campaign
PHASE 1 Promotions to drive initial growth
Phase 2
Major Celebrity Twitter Spaces
Dext Listings
Hotbit Exchange
Dextools Trending
Strategic Partnerships Announced
Full Team Doxxing / Profiles added to website
Phase 3
$20m Marketcap achieved
Full Use Case Announced, and Website DAPP launched
TO Be Announced

In partnership with:

Bring your own moves to your avatar by letting Stax Protocol incorporate your movements, facial expressions, gestures or dance into your avatar. Our state of the art animators will rig your avatar to incorporate all your moves so you can show off all your moves in the Metaverse. All data scanned is owned by each individual and each user retains full rights to their captured property.

Looking to partner with Stax Protocol or leverage some of their services?

Use the Contact Us form to get in touch about Stax Protocol Services or if you have specific questions. We are always open to partnerships that will compliment and promote the Stax Protocol brand.